10/28/15 – Saturday 10am only


Reminder that this Saturday, October 31st we are having just 1 class at 10am (not our usual 9:30 and 10:30 classes).  It is our annual Halloween WOD which has been a ton of fun in the past.  Come dressed in costume and get a good, fun workout in before the Halloween candy (or adult Halloween beverages!)

CrossFit Performance


A. Single/DU tech work

B. DUs/Singles 100/300 reps for time


For Time

800m Run

10 Power Cleans (heavy)

400m Run

10 Power Cleans

200m Run

10 Power Cleans

*16 min cap*

Dose Response: Strength Endurance/CP Battery – The power cleans should be heavy and done in singles. Think 75-85% of your 1RM. Slow, heavy grinder. Please scale your DU to Singles or adjust the volume to accomodate your current proficency with your jump rope. If you’re looking to master your DU, I highly recommend RxJumpRopes – they can customize the length and weight of the rope to meet your current skill level.

CrossFit Fundamentals


A. Hollow Body Hold Tabata

B. GHD Situps, 2×10, rest :60


EMOM x 18

Min 1: 40-60 Singles

Min 2: 8-12 DB Hang Power Clean + Overhead

Min 3: 15 – 25 Abmat Situps

Strength Class

A. Mid Hang Clean – heavy triple

B. Mid Hang Clean 2×3 @90% A

C. Power Snatch – heavy triple

D. Power Snatch, 3×3 @70% of C

E. BTN Snatch Grip Thruster + OHS – work up to tough single in 6 sets