10/21/15 – DUs and Thrusters

CrossFit Performance


A. Single/DU Tech Work

B. DUs/Singles, 6xAMRAP in :60, rest :15


7 Rounds for Time

5 Thrusters (heavy)

45 DUs

12 min cap

Dose Response: Muscular Endurance/Maximum Aerobic Power – Select a load for the thrusters that is heavy (you can complete 5 UB, but it’s a struggle). This workout is meant to be a strength endurance training session. Slow, heavy grinder. Please scale your DU to Singles or adjust the volume to accommodate your current proficiency with your jump rope. If you’re looking to master your DU, I highly recommend RxJumpRopes – they can customize the length and weight of the rope to meet your current skill level.

CrossFit Fundamentals

COS Activation


Hang Power Snatch —> Power Snatch


7 Rounds for Time

7 Power Snatch (moderate/mod-heavy)

9 Burpees Over the Bar

Strength Class

A. Below Knee Clean + Above Knee Clean – heavy double

B. Below Knee Clean + Above Knee Clean, 2×2 @90% A

C. High Hang Power Snatch – tough 4

D. High Hang Power Snatch, 4×4 @70% C

E. BTN Snatch Grip Push Press + OHS, 4×3+3


A. GHD Sit Ups, 4×15

B. Good Mornings, 4×10 @low weight