10/14/15 – Shoot the Shit this Sunday


This Sunday, October 18th, we are having another “Shoot the Shit with Stu”.  If you have anything that you’d like to talk with Stu about one on one (goals, plateaus, nutrition, the meaning of life), shoot us an email to reserve a time between 10am and 11am.  We want to hear you out and give you all the time you need/deserve!

CrossFit Performance


A. Single/DU tech work


B. 6x :60 ME DUs, rest :15



50 Wall Ball (20/14)

90 DU

400m Medball Run (20/14)

Dose Response: Muscular Endurance/Maximum Aerobic Power – This workout will become a localized muscular endurance workout for some and more aerobic for others. Please scale your DU to Singles or adjust the volume to accommodate your current proficiency with your jump rope. If you’re looking to master your DU, I highly recommend RxJumpRopes – they can customize the length and weight of the rope to meet your current skill level.

CrossFit Fundamentals

COS Activation



Push Jerk Review


EMOM x 14

Odd: 5 Push Jerk (moderate)

Even: 5-10 Burpee Box Jumps (20/14)


COS Recovery

Strength Class

A. 3 Pos. Clean – find heavy double

B. 3 Pos. Clean, 2×3 @90% of A

C. Power Snatch – find heavy 4

D. Snatch Drop + Snatch Balance, 4×2.2


A. Squatting Box Jump, 4×10

B. Collect 2:00 in L-Hold