10/12/15 – Regular Schedule!


We know it is a holiday tomorrow (Columbus Day) so some of you may be off, but we will be operating on our normal Monday schedule.

Also – shout out to CFSE members Jess Song and Morgan Cantelou and coaches Ben Little and Jesse Zastrow for busting their asses in a competition out in Asheville this weekend!  And to the CFSE crew that went all the way out there to support them.  Great community support!

CrossFit Performance


A. False Grip @21×1, 1×6-8

B. MU transition drill, 3xAMRAP, rest :60


C. Kneeling MU transition drill, 1xAMRAP

D. False Grip Ring Pullup@21×1, 3xAMRAP, rest :60

If you’re new to this progression or still have a upper body strength priority, then perform part “A” and “B”. If you’ve been following the progression and can support your bodyweight with the false grip, perform “C” and “D”.


10 min AMRAP

200m Run

12 CTB/Pullups

21 KB Swings (53/35)

Dose Response: Muscular Endurance – This is a variation of the classic CrossFit workout, “Helen”. Upper body muscular endurance will be the main limitation for most. “Helen” typically is performed with a 400m run, however we have shortened the run in order to get more total rounds completed and gymnastics volume accumulated. Make the appropriate modification based on your gymnastics strength so that this does not turn into a strength endurance workout.

CrossFit Fundamentals


A. Deadlift Tech

B. Row Tech


For Time

750m Row

20 Deadlifts (light/mod)

10 Burpee OTB

Rest 3-5 minutes


Strength Class

A. 3 Pos. Snatch – heavy double

B. 3 Pos Snatch, 2×3 @90% A

C. Power Clean – heavy 4

D. Power Clean, 3×4 @70% of C

E. Push Press + Push Jerk, 2.2×4, same weight as D


A. Ring Dips, 3×6+AMSAP

hold on final rep.  Weighted behind the body. Rest as needed, modify as needed