10/9/15 – Latta Park on Saturday


We will be at Latta Park on Saturday at 10am only instead of classes in the gym this weekend.  We are hosting a Level 1 Certification this weekend so the gym will be closed both Saturday and Sunday.  Come get a Boot Camp workout in on Saturday, though, at the park!  Address is 601 E. Park Ave, Charlotte NC 28203.  See you there!

CrossFit Performance


A. Decline Pushups @21×1, 4xAMRAP, rest :60


B. Deficit Pushups @21×1, 4xAMRAP, rest :60


C. HR/Modified Pushups @2121, 4×12, rest :60

Same horizontal pressing progression from last week. Make the appropriate choice on which modification is appropriate for you.


3 Rounds for Time

9 UB Thrusters (mod/heavy)

100m Run

15 UB Deadlifts (same weight)

100m Run

20 UB Back Squats (same weight)

Dose Response: Muscular Endurance – Mind the unbroken (UB) prescription here. Test your load out against all the required movements and rep schemes