9/29/15 – New Tshirts Coming!


We have a new tshirt design coming out!  If you want a shirt, check out the design and fill out the form on the front desk.  Orders need to be made by 10/2!

CrossFit Performance


A. False Grip Ring Row @21×1, 1×6-8

B. MU Transition Drill, 1xAMRAP

C. Kneeling MU Transition Drill, 3xAMRAP, rest :60

We are now progressing into a position where your bodyweight is now in a vertical alignment with the rings vs. the horizontal alignment in the previous weeks. If you are still mastering the false grip, please add extra sets to “A” and “B” and forgo “C”.


12 min AMRAP

6 CTB/Pullups

12 KB Swings (53/35)

3 Strict Pullups

12 KB Swings

Dose Response: Muscular Endurance – The goal here is obvious – upper body pulling/grip endurance. Modify the CTB/Pullup all the way down to Ring Row if needed. The goal is quality movement, not a score.

CrossFit Fundamentals


A. Hang Power Clean, 3×5, :90

B. Power Clean, 3×5, :90


EMOM x16

Odd: 5-7 UB Power Cleans

Even: 8-10 Box Jumps (24/20)

Strength Class

A. Press@21×2, 4×3, rest :90

B. Front Squat @23×1, 4×5, rest 2:00

C. Lat Pulldowns @33×2, 4×6, rest 2:00

Running Class


A. Alternating Foot Pulls (engage the hamstring and flutes)

B. Run with arms behind back (engage core)

C. Cadence work/intervals warmup


4x800m Run, rest 3:00

The focus is on going longer this week. The goal for the intervals is to have consistent times. Cadence target for the 800m intervals is 96+.