9/28/15 – New Week!


Thank you to everyone who came out to our tailgate today!  Hope you all had a good time.  If you left anything at the gym please be sure to get it tomorrow!

CrossFit Performance


A. Power Clean + Split Jerk, 7×1, rest 2:00


B. Power Clean + Pause Split Jerk, 5×3, rest 2:00

We are now working up to a heavy single. Each set should increase in intensity (load). If you are new to this progression, please follow “B” to establish a solid movement pattern.


4 Rounds for Time

20 Alt. OH Lunges (45/25)

20 Burpees to a Plate

200m Run

-15 min cap-

Dose Response: Aerobic Endurance – This piece is aimed at your aerobic system but contains an element of overhead stability strength and muscular endurance. Choose a load for the OH lunge that allows you to keep your scapula in proper position (not shrugged) while going through full range of motion in the lunge.

CrossFit Fundamentals


A. Front Squat, 2×10, rest :90

B. Thruster, 2×10, rest :90


12 min AMRAP

3, 6, 9, 12, 15 etc…

Thrusters (moderate – 9 UB)


Strength Class

A. Power Clean + Front Squat + Hang Power Clean + Front Squat + Push Jerk – tough single

B. Back Squat, 1 1/4 – find heavy 3

C. 2 Strict Press + 2 Push Press, x5 – work up to weight first

D. Alternating GHD and Handstand workshop.  Will vary on experience level

If you were in last Monday A and B should be performed at same or heavier