9/23/15 – Tailgate on Sunday!


This Sunday is our annual CFSE tailgate!  We’d love to see all of you there.  We’ll be at the gym about 10:30am on Sunday to get things started.  Bring some beverages, bring some food for yourself or to share, play some games and hang out with the people you sweat next to every day!  And you are welcome to bring friends/family along with you as well – the more the merrier.  We won’t have any parking available at the gym so you are on your own to figure that all out.  Talk to Isaac or Stu if you have any questions!

CrossFit Performance


A1. Wtd Hip Extensions @21×2, 3×10-12, rest :30

A2. GHDSU, 3×10-12, rest :30

Our objective is to progress this piece from last week and have a dual focus – posterior and anterior core strength.


For Time

400m Run

20 Burpees

rest 1:00, x4

Dose Response: Aerobic Power – Your output should be at 85% effort here. The total time of each interval should be consistent and not plummet towards the later rounds.

CrossFit Fundamentals


CrossOver Symmetry Activation

A. DB Front Squat, 2×20, rest 1:00

B. DB push Press, 2×20, rest 1:00

C. DB Thruster, 1×20


EMOM x 12

Odd: 12 DB Thrusters (25/15)

Even: 5-10 Burpees

Strength Class

A. 3 Position Power Snatch + 3 OH Squats – work to heavy in 6

B. Front Squat @32×1 – heavy 2

C. Front Squat @32×1, 2×2 @93% of B

D. Weighted Pullups @42×4, 5×2


D. Strict Pullups @42×4, 5×2


D. Banded Pullups @42×4, 5×2