9/17/15 – Air Dyne Time!


Feeling a little sore from the past couple days?  Mobility Class at 6:30pm with Coach Jesse!

CrossFit All Levels

CrossOver Symmetry Activation


:45 Air Dyne @97%

:45 KB Swings (53/35)

:45 Air Dyne @100%

Rest 5:00 – 7:00, x5

*score is total calories and total KB Swings each round

Dose Response: Lactate Power/Endurance – Your output should be 100% here, meaning you more than likely not be able to repeat your scores each round. Choose a KB load that allows you to perform technically sound reps for the entire 45s.

Strength Class

A. Press @21×1, 4×3, rest 2:00

*5# heavier than 9/8

B. Back Squat @21×1, 3×10, rest as needed

C. EMOM x 7

2 Ring Rows @3333