9/15/15 – Muscle Up Transition Work


This is the beginning of a muscle-up strength & skill cycle.  The false grip is our coaching preference to help athletes achieve their fist muscle up and put them in the most mechanically advantageous position to get up and over the rings.  However, the false grip will put some wear and tear on the inside of your wrist.  Bring wrist wraps or your own athletic tape!

CrossFit Performance


A. False Grip Ring Row @21×1, 3×6, rest :60

B. MU Transition, 3xAMRAP, rest :60


15 min AMRAP

8 Ring Pullups (pro to sup)

16 HR Pushups

24 DB Thrusters (35/25)

Dose Response: Muscular Endurance – you need to scale this workout so that you do not go to failure too early.  If 8 ring pullups is a bit ambitious for you, scale back the total reps or modify to ring row (non false grip).  The goal is be able to keep moving – you will go to failure – but this should not be a test of absolute strength. 

CrossFit Fundamentals


A. Wall Squat Therapy, 3×10, rest :60

B. Back Squat, 5×5, rest :90


EMOM x 20

Odd: 10 Thrusters (35/25)

Even: 50 Jump Rope Singles

Strength Class

A. Deadlift @21×2, 4×5, rest 1:00

*same weight as 9/3

B. EMOM x10, 3 Strict Press @weight from 9/8

C1. Barbell Rollouts, 3×10, rest :30

C2. GHD Plank Holds, 3xME, rest :60

Running Skills


A. Alternating Foot Pull

B. Resistance Band Running in Place

C. Cadence work/intervals warmup


3x800m Run, rest 3:00 between each