7/30/15 – TShirt Order Round 2


Since the last order of CFSE tshirts went so quickly we are placing another order!  This time if you put your name and size down on the sheet on the front desk we will charge your account ahead of time and reserve a shirt for you when they come in.  So if you want a shirt please write it down on the sheet on the front desk!  Ladies, be sure to note if you want a tshirt or a tank top (no male tanks available – sorry!)

CrossFit All Levels


A. KB Windmill – collect 20 alternating reps a side

B. GHD Trunk Twists – 4×10 – 20, rest :60


For Time

Row 1k

100 Strict Abmat Situps

800m Run

Strength Class

A. Deadlift, 3×3.3, rest :30/as needed

B. Kang Squats, 3×5, rest 2:00

C. Iron Scap