6/16/15 – 30 Under 30


Our fearless leader Stu Brauer has been selected as one of Charlotte’s Top 30 Under 30 Future Leaders of Charlotte by Elevate Charlotte!  There is an award ceremony on Friday, June 19th at 8pm at Suite to celebrate and you are all invited!  We will be closing Open Gym a little early on Friday to make sure that we can all get to Suite on time.  Proud of you, Stu!

CrossFit Performance


A. Power Clean – 12 minutes to work up to a heavy 3 rep touch and go

B. EMOM x8 – 3 reps (A)


4 Rounds for Time

200m Medball Run

20 Burpee Pullups (15 burpees/15 jumping pullups)

– 15 min cap –

CrossFit Fundamentals


A. Hang Power Clean Review

B. Front Squat Review, 2×10

C. Hang Clean Review, 3×10


10 Rounds for Time

10 Burpees

10 Box Jumps (24/20)

– 10 min cap –

Strength Class

A. Back Squat, 3×5.5 rest :30/as needed

B. RDL@33×2, 4×6, rest 2:00

C. DB FR Single Leg Step Ups – collect 25 reps each leg