5/26/15 – Back to Normal


Big congrats to Jess Song and Ben Little for participating in The Battle of Mint Hill Olympic Lifting Meet on Sunday.  Both hit some big lifts and did something different with their fitness.  Nice job guys!

Also – great job to the 20+ people who came out to participate in Murph today.  Never an easy workout, but way to push through!

Now back to real life.

CrossFit Performance


Sorensen Hold, 4xME, rest :90


15 min AMRAP

10 Deadlifts (moderate)

15 Box Jumps (24/20)

20 Abmat Situps

CrossFit Fundamentals


Hollow Body Review

Hollow Body Hold Tabata


10 min AMRAP

12 KB Deadlifts

10 Burpee over the KB


A. RDL @32×2, 4×6, rest as needed

B. Front Squat @23×2, 3×8, rest 2:00

C. GHD Plank Holds – collect 4 minutes