5/5/15 – Running Group Plug!


Did today’s WOD with all the running make your stomach drop when you read it?  Thinking about doing the Fundamentals workout tomorrow just because you suck at running?  GET BETTER AT IT!! Meg Polovick, friend of CrossFit SouthEnd, has organized a very successful running group that meets every Thursday evening at 6pm at Alexander Graham Middle School track.
Workouts are posted on Wednesday to the Running Group Facebook page. All fitness levels are welcome as there is always an Rx, intermediate and novice option. Ask a friend at the gym to add you to the running group Facebook page (anyone can invite people to the  group-it’s open) or email Meg at mpolovick@gmail.com to be added. Regular attendance will help you improve on endurance and pacing which will carry over into met cons.  Attendance of running group does not count towards your classes at CrossFit SouthEnd and you are welcome to bring anyone with you that you’d like!
Reach out to Meg or a CFSE coach if you have any questions about whether you would benefit from attending (most likely the answer is YES!).

CrossFit Performance


TGU – collect 15 reps each arm

*heavier than last week


1 mile Run for Time

immediately into

16 min EMOM

Odd: 5 Thrusters (heavy)

Even: 5-7 Strict Toes to Bar

CrossFit Fundamentals


A. Hip/Shoulder Mobility

B. Clean and Jerk, 5×3


For Time

30 cals AD

10 Clean and Jerks (95/65)

– rest 2:00 – x4-5

Fundamental Strength

A. Deadlifts 4×3 @78-80%, rest as needed

B. Front Squats @22×2, 3×8, rest 2:00

C1. HR Pushups, 3xME, rest 1:00

C2. Hollow Body Hold, 3xME, rest 1:00