4/28/15 – Register for Open Gym!


We are completely okay with people coming in and doing their own workouts at the gym – BUT – we need for you to register for the “Open Gym” class during the time slot(s) that you will be there.  If your workout will last longer than a 1 hour class, then you need to register for 2 classes worth.  The coaches need to know how many people will be in the gym at once.  Thank you for your compliance with this!  Here is the newsletter we sent out a little bit ago if you need a refresher.

CrossFit Performance


Turkish GetUps – collect 15 each arm



400m Run

15 Box Jumps (24/20)

10 Clean and Jerks (heavy…3 or 4 sets)

CrossFit Fundamentals


Clean and Jerk technique week


10 min AMRAP

10 Clean and Jerks

10 Burpees

Fundamental Strength Class

A. Back Squat, 4×4@77-79%, rest as needed

B. 2 Strict Press + 3 Push Press, EMOM x10

C1. Upside down KB Walk, 3×100′ each arm, rest :30

C2. Farmers Carry, 3×200′, rest :30