4/16/15 – Wall Walks!


Tonight during classes one of our coaches’ cars in the front parking lot was dented to the point of not being able to open the driver’s side door.  If you know anything about this, please let us know so this can get sorted out!  Appreciate it!

CrossFit All Levels


A. CrossOver Symmetry

B. Wall Walks – 1 rep every :30 with 5 sec pause at the top, x10


15 min AMRAP

200m Run

20 Wall Balls (20/14)

20 Pullups/Ring Rows@21×1

Fundamental Strength

A. Back Squat, 5×5 @74-77%, rest as needed

B. Wide Grip Strict Press, 4×3, rest 2:00

C. Single Leg DB Step Ups, 3×10, rest 1:30