1/27/15 – 8:30am Class Trial Run


Reminder!  6:30pm we have our Deep Stretch Yoga class!  Feeling all the front squats or deadlifts? Stretch it out!

As a result of the surveys you all filled out, we are going to do a trial run on an 8:30am All Levels Class on Tuesdays and Thursdays.  This is going to start next week on Tuesday, February 3rd and will go for two weeks.  If we have sufficient attendance during these two weeks then we will consider making it a permanent time slot, but if not then we will stop the class after the two weeks.  So if this is something you said you wanted, show up!  All Levels Classes are intended for athletes of both the Performance and Fundamentals levels, but will be following the programming from Performance class and scaled as appropriate.  Sign up as always!  Again – this will start NEXT week.

CrossFit Performance


Kipping Work –> CTB/Pullup Work


“Death by CTB/Pullup”

*once athlete has failed on pullups they are to continue with KBS (53/35)

CrossFit Fundamentals


Press vs. Push Press vs. Push Jerk


For Time

60 Squats

30 Push Press (95/65)

30 Plyo Lunges

30 Push Jerk

60 Squats

Fundamental Strength

A. Deadlift@ 21×1, 4×4, rest as needed

B. Front Rack Lunges, 3×5 (each leg), rest 2:00

C. Ring Row@2222, 4 reps EMOM for 8 minutes

D. GHD Holds, 3xME, rest 1:00