1/16/15 – Survey!


Alright guys – we’ve been asking you all to fill out the Member Survey for a few weeks now but haven’t received many back. We have 200+ members and have received only 25 surveys. It doesn’t take long at all and we want your feedback so we can keep up to date on what you all want out of your gym.

And since the burpee cash out worked so well for the cans for Second Harvest Bank, we’re bringing it back! We want 100 more surveys by Wednesday – so starting Monday there’s a 100 burpee cash out after every workout until we receive the surveys! 1 burpee reduction for every survey we receive back. Really appreciate all the feebdack, guys.

Click HERE for the survey.

CrossFit Performance


Back Squat@22×1, 3×6.6, rest :20/2:00


EMOM 20 minutes

Even: 10-15 HR Pushups

Odd: 20 Strict Abmat Situps