1/15/15 – War of the WODs This Weekend


This Saturday four of our members (Ben Little, Zack Imboden, Andrew Duncan and Jess Song) are competing in an individual competition in Greensboro: the War of the WODs.  If you feel like taking a short drive this weekend, head out and cheer them on!  Or at least just wish them luck when you see them at the gym this week.

Also – please make an effort to not drive through the grass in the parking lot more than necessary.  We know that you have to park in the grass, but when driving through the parking lot, make sure you are using the paved roads.  Thank you!  The next reminder won’t have as many please and thank yous in it.

CrossFit Performance/Fundamentals


Muscle Ups – collect 15 reps


MU Transition drills


False Grip Ring Row into Transition into Dip



Burpee Box Jumps (24/20)

50-30-20 Wall Balls (20/14)

Fundamental Strength

A. Glute Band Exercise, 3×10′ each way

B. Deadlift @21×1, 3×3, rest as needed

C. Front Squat @22×2, 3×5, rest 2:00

D. Hollow Body Rocks, 3×10, rest :30