12/29/14 – LBN Challenge Info Session


1.) Our 3rd Annual Look Better Naked Challenge starts on Monday, January 5th, 2015!  Read more about it here, and come to one of the 2 information sessions about it.  The first is Monday, December 29th at 7:30pm and the next is Friday, January 2nd at 6:30pm.  No registration needed for the info sessions – just show up!  We encourage any and all members to participate in this challenge.  This year we are even more inclusive as we have a separate division for those looking to increase lean body mass!  Many of our members have seen big changes in their bodies and their health during this 90 day challenge – just ask some of our previous winners and participants about it!

2.) We are still collecting food donations for Second Harvest Bank!  In fact, we will have a 100 burpee cash out for every workout this week.  For every can of food brought in (starting now), that number will decrease by one.  Hope some of you have Costco memberships to bring these cans in in bulk!

3.) We apologize for the inconvenience, but we need to cancel noon class on Tuesday, December 30th in addition to the evening classes that day.  Parking and tailgating for the Belk Bowl that night is scheduled to start early, so unfortunately we will only have our Tuesday AM classes.

CrossFit Performance


A. Front Squat – Work up to a heavy triple in 10 minutes


5 min AMRAP

7 UB Hang Clean (115/75)

7 CTB Pullups

– Rest 2:30- x2

CrossFit Fundamentals


A. Press@22×1, 3×10

B. Push Press@22×1, 3×10

C. Push Jerk, 3×10


:90 Air Dyne (85% effort)

15 Burpees

– rest 3:00- x4