11/6/14 – Shoot the Shit with Stu this Sunday


We have our first Shoot the Shit with Stu session this Sunday during Open Gym (10am – 11am).  This is your opportunity to talk with Stu one on one about any personal frustrations, plateaus, goal setting, etc.  This is by appointment only so send an email to Stu at sbrauer@escfitness.com if you want to stop in and chat with him!

CrossFit Performance/Fundamentals


GHD Situps 4×10-15, rest :60

If new to the GHD athlete will modify to a GHD plank hold, 4xME, rest :60


10 min AMRAP:

200m Run

20 Box Jumps (24/20)

20 Front Rack Barbell Lunges each leg (95/65)

-Rest 5 minutes-


Maintain a sustainable 85% effort throughout the entire workout.  Your scores for each AMRAP should be the same.

Fundamental Strength

A. Deadlift @22×1, 4×5, rest 3:00

B. Front Squat@23×2, 3×6, rest 2:00

C1. Strict K2E/T2B, 3×8, rest 1:00

C2. Farmers Carry, 3xME, rest 1:00