11/4/14 – Take advantage of what we offer!


Remember that we offer more than just CrossFit classes every day to assist you with your overall fitness.  Tomorrow (Tuesday) at 6:30am we have a Fundamental Strength Class.  This class focuses on pure pressing, squatting and deadlifting power, with proper form.  We recommend anyone newer to the gym (or veterans who want to focus on lifting) come try out this class to supplement their routine.

We also offer our Deep Stretch Yoga class every Tuesday at 6:30pm.  Feeling a little bit up after those ring dips?  Come stretch out!  If you have a mat, bring it, if not, then just show up!

CrossFit Performance


Power Clean + 2 Front Squat – 5×1, rest 2:00


Row 500m

-Rest 6:00- x5

@100% effort

CrossFit Fundamentals


CrossOver Symmetry

UpsideDown KettleBell Walk, 4x100ft


2 Rounds for Time

50 Ring Rows

30 Front Rack DB Step Ups total (25/15)

10 Burpees

Fundamental Strength

A. Back Squat@22×1, 4×8, rest 2:00

B. 4x 2 Strict Press + 4 Push Press @80% 1rm Press, rest 2:00

C. Ring Rows @3222, 2 every :30 for 8 minutes